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Sidekick Energy Vape

Sidekick Energy Vape

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The Sidekick vape is made to be as easy to use as possible, which means it’s perfect for any vaper. When it runs out, you can simply replace it with a new one - no need for any maintenance or messy e-liquid refills. Beyond that, each device will provide you with up to 600 puffs, which is far more than 20 cigarettes and outlast coffee or energy drinks.


Beginner-Friendly Disposable Vape
600 Puffs – Outlasts Coffee/Energy Drinks
Inhale Activated
Range Of Flavours
0.5mg Energy
2ml E-Liquid
Its inhale activation feature means that you won’t have to contend with any awkward buttons or complicated menus. When you want to vape, all you need to do is inhale on the mouthpiece and your SideKick will produce a discreet amount of vapour for an authentic MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhale that resembles the feeling of a cigarette.

Every SideKick vape has 0.5mg energy e-liquid inside, so you’ll experience a smoother throat hit that provides a kick of energy.

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