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Pikey's Dream (Brownie & Cream) 100ml E-Liquid by Peeky Blenders

Pikey's Dream (Brownie & Cream) 100ml E-Liquid by Peeky Blenders

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This Pikeys Dream E-Liquid is a brilliant inhale that provides an amazing cloud, with plenty of attitude. Pikeys Dream will make you want to don your flat cap, gather your gang, and take on the world with swagger.

With each puff, you’ll feel like you’re strutting through the gritty streets of Birmingham, plotting your next move with all the cunning of a certain fictional gang of former travellers. The smooth inhale will give you plenty of time to brood, while the exhale leaves behind a cloud of intrigue that’ll have everyone wondering what’s in your vape, and whether you might have PTSD from fighting in WWI.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of peeking and blinding or you’re just looking for a vape flavour that packs a punch, Pikeys Dream is guaranteed to leave you feeling like the kingpin of flavour town. Grab your cap, channel your inner gangster, and vape like a true Peeky Blender – just watch out for that bloke from Jurassic Park!

Pikeys Dream is a classic blend of brownies and cream that invokes the industrial streets of 1920s Birmingham. Get yours today, by order of the Peeky Blenders!

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