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Peach Ice 100ml E-Liquid by Peeky Pod Bar Juice

Peach Ice 100ml E-Liquid by Peeky Pod Bar Juice

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Peach Ice is a wonderfully delicate flavour bursting with authentic peach juice with an ice cold sparkle. A handful of juicy ripe peaches blended together for a delightfully decadent vape with a perfect balance of cool ice. This e-juice hits all the right flavor notes for peach lovers.

This Peeky Blenders E-Liquid is a brilliant inhale and provides an amazing cloud. With Peaky E-Liquid you get a juice that is full of flavour.

The Peaky E-Liquid is a blend of classics taste with a few hidden twists which really get your taste buds going. Peaky Blenders E-Liquid comes in an amazing 100ml bottle as well so you can get a lot of Juice.

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